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Improving Bottom-Line Results for Academic Institutions

Managing the revenue cycle for any healthcare organization is a complex undertaking. However, the needs of academic institutions in today's managed care environment require specialized expertise and insight. It can be daunting to keep up with changing regulations while properly coding and billing for each patient encounter and managing a highly transient physician community. In particular your organization must address these key issues:

  • How do you track and audit services delivered in the training environment versus private practice?

  • How do you manage your A/R given a diverse payer mix that includes a high volume of uninsured and Medicaid patients?

  • How do you ensure quality data and reporting across a disparate system of specialities that must act as an integrated whole to ensure optimum reimbursement?
  • We routinely help our clients by:

  • Conducting physician and staff education programs to provide ongoing feedback related to documentation quality, compliance and reimbursement.

  • Sharing our insight about and effectively applying Federal, State, and private payer reimbursement rules, regulations and policies to physician extenders and other support personnel in the academic setting.

  • Providing insight to faculty physicians exploring new service line expansion opportunities, identify implementation plans and revenue cycles for the new service lines, and integrating new operations into existing practices.

  • Negotiating third party agreements that take into consideration academic services, private practice services, research services, physician extender services and the value that these unique practices bring to the community.

  • Providing quality data that can be shared with University Departments to coordinate research activities.