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Improving Bottom-Line Results for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Managing the revenue cycle for any healthcare facility is a complex undertaking. However, Ambulatory Surgery Centers face a unique set of challenges such as credentialing, claims automation, and compliance that if not managed correctly can drastically impact the bottom line revenue of the facility. When contemplating the ASC revenue cycle, it's important to consider:

  • Can you keep credentialing information up-to-date with government and third-party payers so as to avoid negatively impacting revenue and reimbursement due erroneous or out-of-date data?

  • Do you have automated claims and payment processes with all payers to optimize cash flow and your entire revenue cycle?

  • Can you interface with external systems to provide automated claim submissions and automated remittance posting?
  • The quality of our client relationships far surpasses our competitors who focus on individual transactions rather than your overall organizational success.

    We routinely help our clients by:

  • Providing expertise related to fee schedule management and CPT Coding changes/updates and how these issues can impact reimbursement.

  • Providing data to our clients to help identify any impact on quality programs related to the delineation of privileges and individual Federal and State regulations.

  • Maintaining automated coding, billing and auditing workflows and a sophisticated technology architecture, including a vast data repository to provide up-to-date A/R information regarding payments, denials, and coverage trends for patients and third-party payers.

  • Negotiating third-party payer contracts based upon comprehensive charge, payment, denials and pending claim information housed in our data repository.
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