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Simply put, MRI can improve the revenue cycle for hospital-based providers by more efficiently managing coding, billing and reimbursement related activities. We believe that we have learned a thing or two about coding and billing in our two decades of experience and the results speak for themselves:

  • Providers who rely on the expertise of our coding professionals have increased their average charge per visit by a minimum of 20%

  • 99% of our clients' collections are done by MRI and within the scope of our service fees versus using a collection agency that will charge 25-50% for every dollar it collects.

  • Approximately 94% of our claims are submitted electronically and we receive 65% of our claim remittances electronically - often within 14 days of submission.
  • Case Studies

    At Medical Reimbursement Inc., our goal is to help you achieve one objective: Allow you to practice medicine, with the knowledge that you’ll get paid what you deserve. Our customized solutions, business paradigms, and subject matter experts have enabled us to guarantee an increase in receipts of at least 20% per year. We have actually exceeded the guarantee by increasing annual receipts over 40%. If you would like to know how much additional revenue we can guarantee your practice, sign up for our complimentary practice metrics review. I look forward to hearing from you, to find out how much we can improve your bottom line. Below is a case study which exemplifies the work we did for an ED practice. The Practice An Emergency Physician Group (EPG) with 50,000 annual patient encounters. The challenge EPG Physicians believed that their current coding & billing partner may have been underperforming, resulting in a substantial loss of revenue.

        E & M Coding Changes     The Analysis

  • E & M code distribution was significantly weighted to lower codes, when the work was performed with their previous vendor.
  • EPG had a lower per patient average charge due to under coding, and an inconsistent fee schedule.
  • EPG had better than average physician documentation, but MRI identified opportunities for improvement.

  • The Results

  • MRI implemented a more appropriate RVU fee schedule.
  • MRI assisted the physicians on improving their documentation, which increased the E & M levels and allowed for additional procedures to be billed.
  • MRI was able to significantly decrease the Accounts Receivable days.
  • MRI exceeded the guaranteed return by 100%
  • MRI helped EPG increase their revenue by 49% per patient ($47 increase).
  • Worry-Free Compliance

    MRI understands the challenges of keeping up with changing healthcare regulations. To make sure our services are compliant while capturing the maximum reimbursement for your practice, we conduct continuing education training for our coding professionals and perform internal quality assurance audits. This focus on compliance guarantees that your practice will be prepared for any government or payer audits that could arise. Historically, we have had clients randomly selected by Medicare for audits. In all instances, Medicare has never taken issue with anything coded by MRI and, more importantly, none of our clients have ever been assessed a penalty as a result of our coding.

    No Hidden Fees

    When you choose MRI as your provider for coding, billing and collections you are getting more than just a billing vendor. All clients receive the benefit of comprehensive services, industry expertise, and exceptional customer support all delivered for a single fee. We'll never charge you extra for our value-added services that help optimize your revenue cycle and improve your practice. You'll never see additional charges for statement and claims preparation, correspondence, or postage and we never charge you a per claim fee. In short, you will always know what you are going to pay based on the total value received. This straightforward approach to partnering with our clients creates trust and enables MRI to focus on the total client relationship instead of individual transactions.

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