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CMS Announces New Primary Care Payment Models Aimed At Greater Shared Risk

For Low-Income People, Employer Health Coverage is Worse Than ACA

CMS Proposes Small Boost to Inpatient Rehab Facility Payments

Trump's ACA Replacement Coming 'Fairly Shortly,' White House Staffer Says

Urgent Need For New Revenue Streams Will Shape Providers' Strategies

MedPAC Recommends National ED Coding for Medicare

More Telehealth Benefits Coming To Medicare Advantage Plans In 2020

Trump Predicts New Health Care Law After 2020

Docs Taking On Full Risk in Value-Based Care Models Still Years Away

Medicare Panel Considers National Coding Standard for ED Visits

CMS Wants Advice on Facilitating Insurance Sales Across State Lines

Hospitals' All-Payer Margins Climb in 2017 Even as Medicare Margins Slump

Hospital Price Growth Driving Healthcare Spending

Community Hospitals Link Arms with Prestigious Facilities to Raise Their Profiles

Rising Drug Prices Are Making Hospitals Feel a Little Sick

Hospitals With Value-Based Contracts Making More Post-EHR Investments

Hospitals' Solution To Surprise Out-Of-Network Bills: Make Physicians Go In-Network

Federal Shutdown Mostly Spares Health Coverage, But Other Issues Loom

Medicaid 'Buy-In' Could Be a New Health Care Option for the Uninsured

ACA Mandate Gone, but a Few States Still Require Coverage

2019 Could Be A Year Of Calm For Obamacare

Health Law's Fines Are Not The Big Stick Everybody Thought

Short-Term Health Plans Hold Savings For Consumers, Profits For Brokers And Insurers

Despite Challenges, Health Exchange Enrollment Falls Only Slightly

ACA Ruling Creates New Anxieties For Consumers and The Health-Care Industry

Millions of Americans Could Face Surprise Emergency Room Bills in January

Health Law Sign-Ups Lagging As Saturday Deadline Is Looming

Study: 4.2 million Uninsured People Eligible For Free ObamaCare Coverage

New CMS Star Ratings Ignore Socio-Economic Factors

Without Obamacare Penalty, Think It’ll Be Nice To Drop Your Plan? Better Think Twice

New Insurance Guidelines Would Undermine Rules of The Affordable Care Act

Anthem Among Health Insurers Refusing To Pay ER Bills, Doctors Say

Attention, Marketplace Shoppers: Don't Delay On 2019 Enrollment

Buyers Of Short-Term Health Plans: Wise Or Shortsighted?

When Hospitals Merge to Save Money, Patients Often Pay More

What The 2018 Midterm Elections Mean for Healthcare: Predictability

Federal Health Care Website Up And Running After Slow Start

Stable Premiums, More Options as Health Law Sign-Ups Begin

ObamaCare Enrollment Unlikely To Increase in 2019

Your Insurance May Not Cover That Emergency Room Visit

Medicare Advantage Riding High As New Insurers Flock To Sell To Seniors

Premiums for Popular ACA Health Insurance Dip For The First Time

Doctors Give Medicare's Proposal To Pay For Telemedicine Poor Prognosis

Employers Jump Into Providing Care As Health Costs Rise

One Big Problem With Medicaid Work Requirement: People Are Unaware It Exists

Health Care Spending Under Employer-Sponsored Insurance: A 10-Year Retrospective

Changes To Some ACA Plans Will Lead To Higher Prescription Costs

AHA, CHA Leaders Fire Back at Emergency Room Cost Op-Ed

Health Systems Focus on Patient-Centered Care as Consumerism Takes Hold

Obamacare Small-Business Exchange Insurance Premiums to Rise 4.6 Percent

Census: Uninsured Rate Held Steady in 2017, With 28.5M Lacking Coverage

Health Premiums Likely To Decrease In 2019

The Remedy For Surprise Medical Bills May Lie In Stitching Up Federal Law

Modest Premium Hikes as 'Obamacare' Stabilizes

AMA Releases 335 Coding Changes for 2019

Poll: Majority Want To Keep ObamaCare Protections For Preexisting Conditions

Technology is Changing The Way You See a Doctor, But is That Good For Your Health?

Even a Small Amount of Medical Debt Can Trigger Headaches

Fewer Americans Without Health Plans Since Obamacare Debut

How Telehealth Can Help Hospitals Improving Billing and Payment Collections

CMS Vows to Curb Costs of State Medicaid Demonstrations

Trump Administration Gives $8.6 Million to States to Help With Obamacare

Health Insurance Premiums Are Stabilizing, Despite GOP Attacks

Trump Administration Proposes Further Dismantling of Affordable Care Act Through Medicare

States Leverage Federal Funds To Help Insurers Lower Premiums

Feds Urge States To Encourage Cheaper Plans Off The Exchanges

States Fight Trump On Non-ObamaCare Health Plans

Trump Administration Proposes Further Dismantling of Affordable Care Act Through Medicare

States Draw Sharp Limits on Association Health Plans

Employers Are Finding New Ways to Cut Health Care Costs

Trump's Short-Term Health Insurance Policies Quickly Run Into Headwinds

New Trump Administration Rule Will Require Hospitals Post Prices Online

Trump's Undermining of Obamacare Violates The Constitution, New Lawsuit Charges

Officials Are Promoting Lower-Cost, Short-Term Health Plans

Hospital Mergers or Acquisitions May Cause Short-Term Patient Safety Issues

Some Doctors, Patients Balk At Medicare's 'Flat Fee' Payment Proposal

Switch To Electronic Health Records Tied To Fewer Hospital Deaths, Study Suggests

CMS' Proposed Outpatient Payment Rule for 2019: 10 Things to Know

Trump Administration Announces Fix for Halted Obamacare Payments

Medicare Advantage Is About to Change. Here's What You Should Know

Anthem Sued by Doctors in Dispute Over Emergency-Room Coverage

Trump Administration Preparing Fix for Obamacare Risk Payments

US judge throws out suit over health subsidy cuts

States Attacking ACA Would Suffer Most If Preexisting Conditions Shield Gets Axed

Doctors Worry CMS Proposals Will Slow The Move to Value-Based Pay

House panel advances bill that would temporarily halt ObamaCare's employer mandate

Trump Officials Slash Grants That Help Consumers Get Obamacare

Insurers Scramble After Trump Suspends Billions in ObamaCare Payments

Trump Administration Takes another Major Swipe at the Affordable Care Act

CMS: Individual Health Plan, Federal Exchange Challenges Remain

More Americans pay for ACA health plans, despite Trump administration moves to undercut law

House Passes Medicare Part D Electronic Prior Authorization Bill

CMS to Develop New Medicaid Program Integrity Initiatives

Customer Satisfaction with Medicare Advantage Health Plans Remain Low

Sky-High Deductibles Broke the U.S. Health Insurance System

ER Staffing Split Along Urban-Rural Divide

AI Hospital Software Knows Who's Going to Fall

New Trump Rule Rolls Back Protections of the Affordable Care Act

WHO Releases ICD-11: 5 Things To Know

As Medicaid Costs Soar, States Try A New Approach

Protections on Pre-Existing Conditions At Risk

Hospital Star-Ratings Release Delayed by CMS

Helping Payers Implement Value-Based Hospital Reimbursement

Administration Challenges ACA's Preexisting Conditions Protection In Court

Trump administration won't defend ACA in case brought by GOP states

HHS To Allow Insurers' Workaround On 2019 Prices

Anthem's New Imaging Policy Likely to Hit Hospitals' Profits

ER spending rises with increasing prices, severity of visits

CMS Plugs Medicare Advantage in Beneficiary Handbook Draft

Most Hospitals Aren't Ready For Mass Tragedies, ER Docs Say

House Lawmakers Look To Delay Health Insurance Tax Until 2021

It Costs $685 Billion a Year to Subsidize U.S. Health Insurance

Insurers Look Beyond Medical Bills To Cut Costs

Under Trump Proposal, Lawful Immigrants Might Be Inclined To Shun Health Benefits

US Healthcare Prices Grow Nearly 22% Since 2007: 4 Study Findings

Trump Calls on Congress To Pull Back $15 Billion in Spending, Including On Children's Health Insurance Program

Federal Officials Say No-Go To Lifetime Limits On Medicaid

ER doctors: Anthem Policy to Deny Coverage For Some Visits is Dangerous

82% of High-Deductible Health Plan Members Feel They Make More Informed Health Decisions

CMS Warns Non-Expansion States To Rethink Medicaid Work Rules

Uncertainty Commonly Leads To Repeat ED Visits

ACEP: Only 5.5 Percent of Emergency Visits Are Nonurgent and Wait Times Continue to Improve, CDC Says

Hospitals Cry Foul And Sue Anthem Over New Policies

Urban Hospitals Perform Poorly on Leapfrog's Latest Patient Safety Grades

U.S. Hospital Profits Fall as Labor Costs Grow and Patient Mix Shifts

U.S. Hospital Firms, Hungry to Expand, Look to China

How stakeholders in the short-term medical market are gearing up to attract more customers

Survey: 48% of patients would choose out-of-network providers with better reviews

1.7 million People could be impacted by Medicaid work requirements in 10 states

Congress Urged To Cut Medicare Payments To Many Stand-Alone ERs

Do Hospital Mergers Put Patients at Risk?

Medicare Advantage Plans Get a Rate Increase in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Final Rule

Where The ACA Health Insurance Exchanges Stand in 2018

5 Takeaways From CMS' Final 2019 ACA Marketplace Rule

Trump Administration Rewrites ACA Insurance Rules to Give More Power to States

Why Does the U.S. Spend So Much More on Healthcare? It's the Prices

Millennials More Satisfied With Health Plans, Out-Of-Pocket Costs Than Baby Boomers

Medicare Advantage Plans Cleared To Go Beyond Medical Coverage - Even Groceries

Americans Have Mixed Feelings About The ACA's Future - But Like Their Plans

Medicare Readmission Rates Offer Incomplete Picture of Hospital Quality

Urgent Care Bridges The Gap Between Emergency Room and PCPs

Design Flaws In Electronic Health Records Can Harm Patients, Study Finds

CMS Mum On Restricting How Payers Use Subsidies

Why Some Americans Are Risking It and Skipping Health Insurance

Senate GOP leader: 'There will be a vote' on GOP ObamaCare fix

Here's what Congress is stuffing into its $1.3 trillion spending bill

Insurers Doing Well, White House Says, Raising ACA Subsidy Doubts

Republicans Release New Plan to Lower Health Premiums, Stabilize Obamacare Markets

Congress Braces for Battle Over Massive Spending Bill

Billions of Dollars on the Line as Insurers Await Obamacare Ruling

CBO: Bill to Shore Up ObamaCare Would Reduce Premiums by 10 Percent

Patients Overpay For Prescriptions 23% Of The Time, Analysis Shows

Diagnostic Errors Pose Greatest Patient Safety Risk

Improving Medication Safety in the ED: 18 Recommendations Reflect Joint Effort

A Health Plan 'Down Payment' Is One Way States Try Retooling Individual Mandate

UnitedHealth Tightens Reins on Emergency Department Reimbursement

White House Wants User-Friendly Electronic Health Records

30% of Consumers Don't Know Their Explanation of Benefits Isn't a Bill

Medicaid Payment Changes Not Sustainable Long Term, Say Providers

Bill Aiming To Better Protect Privacy Of Patients On Others' Insurance Plans Passes House

Tens of Thousands of Medicaid Recipients Skip Paying New Premiums

A Big Divergence Is Coming in Health Care Among States

Refusing To Work For Medicaid May Not Translate To Subsidies For ACA Plan

UnitedHealth Will Advance its Bundled Payment Initiatives: 3 Things To Know

Evaluations Of Medicaid Experiments By States, CMS Are Weak, GAO Says

Implementing States' Medicaid Wishes Won't Be Cheap

The U.S. Healthcare System Needs More Skills For Paying Bills, Study Shows

Trump Administration Proposes Rule To Loosen Curbs On Short-Term Health Plans

Trump's 2019 Budget Blueprint: 15 Healthcare Takeaways

Anthem Makes Changes to Controversial ED Program

US Spending on Health Care Estimated to Reach $5.7 Trillion in 2026

The New Tax Law: The Individual Health-Insurance Mandate

White House Budget Proposes Increase to Defense Spending and Cuts to Safety Net, but Federal Deficit Would Remain

States Look to Lower Drug Costs, Consider Canadian Imports

Trump Proposes Reduction of Drug Costs Under Medicare

Despite Changes That Undermined ACA Enrollment, Marketplaces 'Remarkably Stable'

After Approving Medicaid Work Requirements, Trump's HHS Aims For Lifetime Coverage Limits

Trump Administration: Let States Decide if Health Plans Have Enough Doctors

9 States Considering Individual Mandate Rules: Report

Flu Vaccine Provided Dismal Protection Against This Winter's Virus, Early Data Suggest

Medicare Part B Payment Increases Could Offset 340B cuts For Many Hospitals

Fewer Doctors Are Opting out of Medicare

Health System Mergers in The U.S. at Record High

Work Requirements Could Punish Medicaid Recipients

As Trump Attacks the Federal Health Law, Some States Try to Shore it Up

Medicaid Recipients Sue to Block New Work-Requirement Rules

After Months In Limbo For Children's Health Insurance, Huge Relief Over Deal

When the CHIPs Are Down - Health Coverage and Care at Risk for U.S. Children

Millions Bought Insurance to Cover Retirement Health Costs. Now They Face an Awful Choice

Hospitals Push for Congress to Squeeze DSH Cut Delays into Spending Package

Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Grows in Trump's First Year, New Figures Show

VA Updates Emergency Care Reimbursement, Payment Activities

With CHIP Funds Running Low, Doctors And Parents Scramble To Cover Kids' Needs

Trump Work Requirement Rewrites Health Care Rules For Poor

ObamaCare Repeal Fades From GOP Priorities List in New Year

Running On Empty: CHIP Funding Could Run Out Jan. 19 For Some States

Trump Proposes New Health Plan Options for Small Businesses

If You're Tired of Medicare Advantage, Now is The Time to Ditch

Cuts to 340B Hospital Payments to Proceed After Judge Dismisses Lawsuit

Obamacare' Sign-Up Tally Dips slightly to 8.7M

The Uninsured Are Overusing Emergency Rooms - And Other Health-Care Myths

Medicare Penalizes Group Of 751 Hospitals For Patient Injuries

Congress Passes Stopgap Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown Against a Friday Deadline

Flurry of Health-Care Deals Reflects Shift Away From Hospitals

Tax Bill Guts Unpopular 'Obamacare' Insurance Mandate

Without the Insurance Mandate, Health Care's Future May Be in Doubt

Health law Sign-Up Deadline Extended for Some People

Good Deals For Some, Sticker Shock For Others As ACA Enrollment Winds Down

Strong Demand for Health Insurance as Deadline Looms

Republicans Propose to Delay, Pause Obamacare Taxes

Sign-Up Deadline Is Friday, But Some People May Get Extra Time

Some Glitches Seen in Deadline Week For 'Obamacare' Sign-Ups

For Marketplace Customers Who Delay, Auto-Enrollment Could Be Nasty Wake-Up

Out-Of-Pocket Health Spending in 2016 Increased At The Fastest Rate In a Decade

House Conservatives Push For Repeal of ObamaCare Mandate in Final Tax Bill

As Marketplace Deadline Nears, Navigators Feel The Pinch

CMS Puts An End to Mandatory Cardiac, Hip Fracture Bundled Payment Models

Healthcare Industry Braces For Multiple Hits From Senate Tax Bill

Sign-Up Pace Much Slower in Week 4 of 2018 Obamacare Enrollment

Millions Pay the Obamacare Penalty Instead of Buying Insurance. Who Are They?

Marketplace Confusion Opens Door To Questions About Skinny Plans

Obamacare Sign-Ups Are Surging, but There's a Twist

Uninsured Rates Lower in States That Run Their Own ACA Exchanges

Study Finds Less Coverage Loss From Repealing ObamaCare Mandate

Medicaid Expansion Takes A Bite Out Of Medical Debt

For Millions of Insured Americans, State Health Laws Don't Apply

Sign-Ups Hit 1.5 Million in First Two Weeks of ACA Open Enrollment

Hospitals Sue HHS to Stop Cuts to Medicare Drug Payment Program

Brokers Are Reluctant Players In A Most Challenging ACA Open-Enrollment Season

Pace of Sign-Ups Under Affordable Care Act Blows Past Prior Years

Repeal of Individual Mandate Would Increase Uninsured, Premiums: CBO

CMS Overhaul of Medicaid May Face Legal Challenges

ACA Sign-Ups Spike at Open Enrollment's Start

House OKs Children's Health Funds, But Obstacles Remain

ACA Insurance Exchanges Open For Fifth Year After Republicans Fail to Kill Them Off

Funding For ACA Sign-Up Campaigns Varies Widely From State To State

Health Premiums to Rise, Trump Administration Says

Health Law Sign-Ups Start, and Some See A 'Hostile Takeover'

Hospitals Warm Up To CMS Bundled Payments As Agency Cools Off On Them

Popular ACA Plans See Premiums Jump 34% on Average Amid Market Uncertainty

Trump's Next Chance to Wreck Obamacare: Open Enrollment

Federal Judge Skeptical Of Claims That Dropping Subsidies Hurts Consumers

IRS Says It Will Reject Tax Returns That Lack Health Insurance Disclosure

Obamacare Enrollment Starts Nov. 1. Here's What You Need To Know

CNN Poll: Most Want Focus on Making the Health Care System Work

Amid ACA Turmoil, Insurers Brace for Drop in Enrollment

President Trump May Sign Off on a 'Short-Term Fix' to Obamacare

End to Health Care Subsidies Puts Congress in a Tight Spot

Trump to Scrap Critical Health Care Subsidies, Hitting Obamacare Again

Trump's Order Advances GOP Go-To Ideas To Broaden Insurance Choices, Curb Costs

Trump Health Coverage Alternatives May Pose Risk to the Sick

Trump's Cuts to Health Law Enrollment Efforts Are Hitting Hard

Overlooked By ACA: Many People Paying Full Price For Insurance 'Getting Slammed'

As ACA Enrollment Nears, Administration Keeps Cutting Federal Support of the Law

Children’s Health-Care Bill Faces New Obstacles

With Affordable Care Act’s Future Cloudy, Costs for Many Seem Sure to Soar

Few U.S. Hospitals Can Fully Share Electronic Medical Records

Latest Snag In ACA Sign-Ups: Those Who Guide Consumers Are Hitting Roadblocks

House Panel To Consider Children's Health Measure

Obamacare Rates Soar as White House Refuses to Make Long Term Commitment to Subsidies

Senate Won't Vote On ObamaCare Repeal Bill

Health Plan Would Cut U.S. Deficit, But Leave Millions Without Insurance: CBO

Obamacare Website To Be Shut Down For Portion of Most Weekends

HHS Hints At Major Changes to Medicare That Could Mean Higher Costs for Patients

Study: Employer-Based Insurance Costs Up 3 Percent

In Stark Contrast To ACA Plans, Premiums For Job-Based Coverage Show Modest Rise

Obamacare Repeal, Thought Dead in July, May Be Revived in Senate

Senate GOP Tries One Last Time To Repeal Obamacare

HHS Slashes Funding to Groups Helping ACA Consumers Enroll By Up to 92 Percent

Uninsured Rate Falls To Record Low Of 8.8%

Obstacles Await Senators' Bipartisan Push to Stabilize Obamacare

Ongoing Uncertainty is taking a Toll on Health Insurers

Governors Tell Congress to Stabilize Individual Health Insurance Market

Congress' Tight Timetable Complicates Renewal Of Children's Health Plan

To Insure More Poor Children, It Helps If Parents Are On Medicaid

Trump Administration Whacks Millions from Budget Used to Push Obamacare

Report: Most Hospitals Fall Short of Consumer Expectations

Pressure Grows to Fund Children's Health Program

Digital Divide Widening in Hospital EHR Deployments, Report Says

Trump's Threats on Health Law Hide an Upside: Gains Made by Some Insurers

Congress Facing Deadline to Renew Healthcare for Children

Medicare to Divulge When a Doc's Patient is in an ACO

Senate Panel to Begin Bipartisan Hearings on Stabilizing Health Insurance Market

Medicaid Directors See Boon in Newfound Public Awareness

If Congress Doesn't Fund Obamacare Subsidies Next Month It Could Get Pretty Complicated

This State Policy Decision May Be Damaging The ACA Exchanges

Trump Administration Agrees To Continue Healthcare Subsidy For Now

CBO: Trump Threat to Cut Obamacare Payments Would Spike Premiums

Trump Administration Extends Deadline for Insurers to Decide on Obamacare Markets

Health Insurers Get More Time to Calculate Increases for 2018

Early 2018 Marketplace Rates Vary Widely Across States

Providers Warn Anthem's ER Policy May Violate Federal Law

Taking A U-Turn On Benefits, Big Employers Vow To Continue Offering Health Insurance

Facing Trump Subsidy Cuts, Health Insurance Officials Seek a Backup Plan

Why One Insurer's Collapse Could Whack Insurers, Policyholders Across the Country

Employer-Based Health Coverage Likely To Stay Awhile

Court Complicates Trump's Threat to Cut 'Obamacare' Funds

Some Insurers Asking For Premium Increases of 30 Percent or Higher: Report

After Big Staff Shake-Up, President Trump Again Calls For New Health Care Plan

Even Without Congress, Trump Can Still Cut Medicaid Enrollment

Senate Rejects Slimmed-Down Obamacare Repeal as McCain Votes No

Bare-Bones Repeal Plan Gains Steam in Senate

First Senate ACA Repeal Vote Fails as Debate Begins

Senate Parliamentarian Challenges Key Provisions of Health Bill

Even Talking about Weakening Obamacare Provisions Weakens the Exchanges

Trump Plan Might Cut Expenses For Some Insured Patients With Chronic Needs

CBO: Senate Republican Obamacare Repeal Plan Would Increase Uninsured by 32 Million in 2026

As Obamacare Repeal Falters, Insurers Start to Press on Subsidies

Unpaid Premiums? Switching Plans? What Changes are coming For 2018 Coverage

No CBO Health Score Monday as McConnell Delays Vote for McCain

Millions More Uninsured Could Impact Health of Those with Insurance, Too

Senate G.O.P. Leaders Unveil Health Care Bill to Try Winning Over Skeptics

GOP Senators Vow to Unveil Health Bill Thursday, Despite Deep Divisions

Millions of Kids Fall outside Senate Plan to Shield Disabled from Medicaid Cuts

Obamacare Exchanges Show Signs of Stabilizing: Study

McConnell: If We Can't Repeal Obamacare, We'll Fix It

As Seniors Get Sicker, They're More Likely To Drop Medicare Advantage Plans

Trump Warms to Old Idea: Kill Health Law Now, and Replace It Later

McConnell is Trying to Revise The Senate Health-Care Bill By Friday

Safe Under The ACA, Patients With Preexisting Conditions Now Fear Bias

For Millennials, Both Good And Bad News In Senate's GOP Health Bill

Senate and House Take Different Plans to Scrap Individual Mandate

'Coverage Gap' For Poor May End, But Many Will Still Have Trouble Affording Plans

Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid

Senate Republicans Set To Release Health-Care Bill, But Divisions Remain

Looming Obamacare Deadline Forces Decision from Skittish Insurers

Health Insurers: Trump Continues Key ACA Payments, For Now

ObamaCare Repeal and The Senate: Where It Stands

Insurer Exits Leave Holes in the Marketplace as Uncertainty Spreads

Health Insurers Skewered for Again Seeking Double-Digit Rate Increases

Latest Estimate: 13 Million People To Lose Health Coverage With GOP Plan

Nearly 2 Million Dropped Obamacare Coverage Through Mid-March

Individuals With Poorest Self-Reported Health Twice as Likely To Buy ACA Exchange Coverage, Poll Finds

If Insurance Market Crashes, Can Lawmakers Put the Pieces Back Together?

Patient Safety Jeopardized by EHR Downtime, JAMIA Says

House Obamacare Repeal Ruled to be in Compliance With Senate Rules

Obamacare Didn't Destroy Insurance Markets, but It Also Didn't Fix Them

Insurance Companies Duck Obamacare Repeal Fight

Insurance Rates for 2018 Going Up, Cloaked in Secrecy

Price Gouging in the ER: Patients Often Overcharged but Markups Highest for Minorities, Uninsured

Uninsured in U.S. Charged Four Times What Medicare Pays for ER Visit

Influx Of Elderly Patients Forces ER To Practice Comfort Care

Medicaid/CHIP Participation Rates Rose among Both Children and Parents in 2015

CBO: House Obamacare Repeal Will Increase Uninsured By 23 Million

A 'Hard Tradeoff': Pricey Teaching Hospitals Have Lowest Death Rates For Older Patients

Delay on Obamacare Subsidy Decision Leaves Insurers in Limbo

Obamacare Subsidies at Stake in Monday Court Hearing

Rural Shoppers Face Slim Choices, Steep Premiums On Exchanges

Trump Refusal to 'Bail Out' Insurers Might End Up Making Policies Cheaper

Medicare Failed To Investigate Suspicious Infection Cases From 96 Hospitals

What Health Insurance Covers Could Change Dramatically if AHCA Becomes Law

Patients Who Rely on Obamacare Protections Are Worried

How To Ease The Financial Pain Of High-Deductible Health Plans

ACA Repeal, Regulatory Reform Take Hold During Trump's 100 Days

Amid Budget Talks, White House Says it Will Continue ACA Subsidies

Federal Government Could Add More Than $2 Billion in Costs if it Cuts This Type of Obamacare Aid

Ending One Obamacare Subsidy Would Increase Costs of Another

Amid Growing Uncertainty, States Extend Deadlines To File 2018 Rates

Insurers Offer Early Sign of ACA Exchange Plans for 2018

Health Insurers Make Case for Subsidies, but Get Little Assurance from Administration

Survey: Insurers Have 'Cautious Commitment' to Obamacare Market

CMS Gives Hospitals $3 Billion Raise Next Year

Trump Administration Issues Final Rule on Stricter Obamacare Enrollment

In Medicare, States Are Far From Equal

Insurers Want Greater Certainty on Obamacare Subsidies

Uninsured Rate for Poor, Childless Adults Declines

No 'Death Spiral': Insurers May Soon Profit from Obamacare Plans, Analysis Finds

Another State is at Risk of Having Only One Obamacare Health insurer

People Who Got Coverage through ACA Wonder about the Future

Poll: Most Young People Say Govt. Should Pay for Health Care

Medicare Advantage Plans to Receive 0.45% Rate Hike for 2018

With Obamacare Here to Stay, Some States Revive Medicaid Expansion

Hospital Stocks Soar As Trumpcare Bill Dies

Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much.

Here's When We'll Know the Future of Obamacare

Health Insurers Weigh Choice of Offering Plans on Obamacare Exchanges in 2018 or Pulling Out

More Than Obamacare Repeal, Small Businesses Want Congress to Rein In Costs

CMS Delays Expansion of Bundled Payment Programs

How Millennials Win And Lose Under The GOP Health Bill

Americans Worry, Cheer As Congress Moves To Upend The Affordable Care Act

House Republicans Unveil Changes To Their Health-Care Bill

House Health-Care Bill Will Change to Offer More Help to Seniors, Ryan Says

HHS Takes the Biggest Hit in Trump's First Budget

More Re-Enrolled For ACA Health Plans for 2017, Though Total Sign-Ups Fell

24M More Uninsured Due to Republican Health Plan Could Crowd ERs, Force Hospitals to Slash Programs

Health Bill Would Add 24 Million Uninsured but Save $337 Billion, Report Says

By Law, Hospitals Now Must Tell Medicare Patients When Care Is ‘Observation’ Only

After Halting Start, Trump Plunges Into Effort to Repeal Health Law

GOP Overhaul Would Keep Obamacare's 'Cadillac Tax,' but Delay it until 2025

Most Obamacare Exchanges Would Likely Die Under GOP Health Plan

House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law

Repeal of Health Law Faces a New Hurdle: Older Americans

For New Medicaid Patients, The Doctor Is In (Generally). But You May Have To Wait

Higher-Income Americans Win Under Republican Plan to Repeal Obamacare

For Some Hospice Patients, A 911 Call Saves A Trip To The ER

Hospitals, Both Rural and Urban, Dread Losing Ground with Health Law Repeal

Trump To Lay Out Healthcare Revamp Details in Speech to Congress

Threat Of Obamacare Repeal Leaves Community Health Centers In Limbo

Health Care's Future: Turning Patients into Savers, Shoppers

Filing Extension May Not Be Enough To Keep Insurers In individual Market

Trump: ObamaCare Replacement Coming In 'A Couple of Weeks'

Treatment Gaps Persist Between Low- And High-Income Workers, Even With Insurance

New Rules Try To Shore Up Individual Health Insurance Market In 2018

Humana Becomes First Major Insurer to Quit Obamacare Exchanges

Studies Underscore Importance of Nuances, Time in Judging ACOs

2017 Emergency Department Coding and Reimbursement Update

ACEP Outlines Flaws, Biases in New England Journal of Medicine Story on Balance Billing

Patient Groups Fear Obamacare Repeal Could Undo Protections For Sickest Americans

Enrollments Rise on State Health Exchanges

If Obamacare Is Being Repealed, Do The Uninsured Still Face Penalties?

Trump Says Obamacare Replacement Could Take Until Next Year

The 2017 Health Insurance Exchanges: Major Decrease in Competition and Choice

Hospitals Worry Repeal of Obamacare Would Jeopardize Innovations in Care

Talk of Repeal Sends People Running to, and From, Affordable Care Act

Insurance Companies Scramble for Customers as Last Obamacare Sign-Up Period Ends

As Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Looms, People Frustrated By High Cost Of Plans

Countdown: Obamacare Jan. 31 Deadline Approaches

Republicans Set Aggressive Agenda on Health Care, Regulations and Tax Reform

Key House Committee Will Hold Hearings on First Obamacare Replacement Bills Next Week

One GOP Plan Says States That Like Their Obamacare Can Keep It

Obamacare Repeal Would Also Affect Your Employer Health Insurance

21 Medicare Health Plans Warned To Fix Provider Directory Errors

Health Law Repeal Could Cost 18 Million Their Insurance, Study Finds

Large Employer Health Plans Could Also See Some Impacts From Obamacare Overhaul

About 11.5 Million People Signed Up For Obamacare Plans November 1-December 24

Even As Congress Moves To Repeal Obamacare, Area Marketplace Enrollment Remains Robust

Trump Promises An Obamacare Plan After His Health Secretary Takes Office

Fewer Americans Paid Obamacare Tax Penalty In 2016

Only 20 Percent Of Americans Support Health Law Repeal Without Replacement Plan

Electronic Health Records May Help Customize Medical Treatments

Medicare Failed To Recover Up To $125 Million In Overpayments, Records Show

In Towns That Lost Most Obamacare Insurers, Rate Increases Still Competitive

Bundled Payments Work, Study Finds, But HHS Nominee No Fan

769 Hospitals Penalized For Patient Safety In 2017: Data Table

Hospitals in Safety Net Brace for Health Care Law’s Repeal

Affordable Care Act Penalties Pay Dividends in Readmissions Reductions

How Hospitals Are Trying to Improve the Patient Experience

Obamacare Enrollment Is Beating Last Year’s Early Pace

Obamacare Insurance Expansion Tied to Faster Emergency Care

New Special Enrollment Rules Will Shift Paperwork Burden To Consumers

Obama Announces Record Sign-Ups For A Single Day in ACA Marketplaces

Feds Extend Deadline To Dec. 19, Citing Late Rush

Obamacare Sign-Ups Top 4 Million as First Deadline Approaches

Thursday 1st Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare

Patient Safety Efforts Saved $28 Billion Over Five Years

Many Parents With Job-Based Coverage Still Turn To Medicaid, CHIP To Insure Kids

GOP May Have a Hard Time Replacing the ACA's Individual Mandate

Doctors and Hospitals Say ‘Show Me the Money’ Before Treating Patients

Some Medicare Prescription Plans Come With Unwelcome Change

Insurers’ Flawed Directories Leave Patients Scrambling For In-Network Doctors

U.S. Health Spending in 2015 Averaged Nearly $10,000 Per Person

AHA Says New Laws under Trump Administration Could Help Struggling Hospitals

Obamacare Insurance Sign-Ups Higher vs. Last Year -U.S. Govt.

Change That Health Care Law, Say Vast Majority Of Americans

Managed-Care Plans Are Taking Over Long-Term Care For Medicaid Programs

Uncertain Fate of Health Law Giving Health Industry Heartburn

Many Insured Children Lack Essential Health Care, Study Finds

Study Finds Nearby Retail Clinics Don’t Drive Down ER Visits

A Consumer’s Guide to Medicare’s New Rules on Doctor Pay

First Comes the Emergency, Then Comes the Surprise Out-of-Network Bill

Obamacare - What's Working, What Isn't

Feds Reveal How Medication Costs Hit Medicare and Medicaid

Wednesday Was Best Day Yet for 2017 Obamacare Sign-Ups

Medicaid Expansion Could Continue Under Trump

CMS to Pay Hospitals to Drop Coverage Appeals Site Straining to Keep Up With Enrollees

Behavior Must Change Before Health Care Prices Stabilize, Insurance Expert Says

Some Find Care Unaffordable, Even With Obamacare Coverage

Obamacare Enrollment: Traffic Spikes on's First Day For 2017 Plans

Healthy Customers, And Those With Major Medical Needs, May Want Bronze Plans

7 Tips To Help Avoid Costly Health Plan Enrollment Headaches

Insurers, Hospitals Clash over Help Paying Obamacare Premiums

Study Finds Significant Differences in Plans Sold on or off the Exchanges

Health Law Tax Penalty? I’ll Take It, Millions Say

Double-Digit Premium Hikes Unlikely to Affect Most ACA Shoppers

Some Health Plan Costs to Increase by an Average of 25 Percent, U.S. Says

While Obamacare Premiums Rise, Employer-Based Health Plans Shift To Higher Deductibles

As Health Markets Struggle, 9% Average Rise in Enrollment Is Predicted

More Evidence Expanding Medicaid Increases Emergency Room Visits

Why 27 Million Are Still Uninsured under Obamacare Will Add 'Simple Choice' Plans in Effort to Improve Value

Medicare Unveils Far-Reaching Overhaul of Doctors' Pay

Medicaid Spending and Enrollment Growth Have Slowed after Initial 2014 Program Expansion

Report: States Increase Cost Controls To Manage Medicaid Growth

Millions of Americans Skip Medical Care, Even Though They Have Insurance

Rising Health Premiums Rankle Individuals Paying Full Price

Medicare 2016: Myriad Choices Await New, Current Enrollees

Government to Pick Plans for Displaced Health Law Customers

About 2.5 Million People Missing Out On Obamacare Tax Credits

Obamacare's Millennial Problem

U.S. Paid Insurers Funds Meant for Treasury, Auditors Say

Individual Exchange Health Plans to Go up Average of 30 Percent

Some Medicare Beneficiaries Could Face Premium Increases, Again

Health-Insurance Push Targets Young Adults

House to Vote on Obamacare Individual Mandate Exemption

Only 11 Medicaid Managed-Care Plans Have More Than 1 Million Members

Quality Of Care Doesn't Improve At Hospitals That Employ Physicians

Hospital Readmissions Decline in Ohio, Nationwide

Hitch Keeps Many High-Deductible Plans From Covering Chronic Care Up Front

CMS' Voluntary Bundled-Payments Program Delivers Mixed Results

Behind Health Law's 'Growing Pains,' More Serious Problems?

Gap Insurance Takes Sting Out Of High-Deductible Health Plans

Workers Pay More for Health Care as Companies Shift Burden, Survey Finds

The Striking Difference Between States That Expanded Medicaid and The Ones That Didn't

Obama Asks U.S. Insurers for Help Enrolling the Young and Healthy

Health Care Providers Scramble to Meet New Disaster Readiness Rule

Proving Legal Status Slows Immigrants' Ability to Get, Keep Health Coverage

Lack of Medicaid Expansion Hurts Rural Hospitals More Than Urban Facilities

The States with the Biggest Obamacare Struggles Spent Years Undermining the Law

'Simple Choice Plans' To Debut In 2017 Marketplace Enrollment

Obamacare Premiums Set to Rise, Even for Savvy Shoppers

Changes to ACA Exchanges May Be Enough to Keep Them Afloat For Now

CMS Moves To Shore Up ACA Insurance Markets

FAQ: Hospital Observation Care Can Be Costly for Medicare Patients

How Expanding Medicaid Can Lower Insurance Premiums for All

Taxpayers to Help Foot Bill With Obamacare Premiums Expected to Spike

Analysis Predicts 10.1 Million Will Be Enrolled in Exchanges at End of 2016

CMS Identifies Hospitals Paid Nearly $1.5B In 2015 Medicare Billing Settlement

Some Small Businesses Restore Group Health Coverage

Medicare Part D Spending Rose 17% in 2014 Because of High-Cost Drugs

Six Years Into Obama's Health Care Law, Who Are the Uninsured?

Insurers Continue To Abandon ACA Exchanges, Limiting Choice

Health Insurers Use Process Intended to Curb Rate Increases to Justify Them

Cost, Not Choice, Is Top Concern of Health Insurance Customers

More Small, Midsized Firms Choose to Pay Workers' Medical Costs Directly

Your Health Insurance Will Cost More Next Year: Here's What's Driving Prices Higher

Study: ObamaCare's Medicaid Expansion Increases Access to Care

Big Companies Expect Moderate Increases In 2017 Employee Health Care Costs

New Medicare Law to Notify Patients of Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage

Hospitals Decry New US Star Rating System

Obamacare Expansion a Bumpy Ride for Rural Health Clinics

Medicare's Readmission Penalties Hit New High

Small Employers Pulling Back on Health Benefits Since ACA

Doctors Are Improperly Billing Some on Medicare, U.S. Says

43 States Fail To Make Health Price Information Available

Many Well-Known Hospitals Fail to Score 5 Stars in Medicare's New Ratings

Advocates Say Medicaid Expansion More Important Than Ever

State Health Exchanges Wrestle with Budgets

When Health Insurers Merge Consumers Often Lose

Medicare Prepares to Go Forward with New Hospital Quality Ratings

Most Insurers Lost Money in First Year of ObamaCare: Study

Health Care Spending Is Projected To Grow Much Faster Than The Economy

Insurers, Pushing for Higher Rates, Challenge Key Component of Health Law

Health Spending In U.S. to Rise 5.8 Percent a Year through 2025: CMS

Healthcare Spending Growth Rate Rises Again in 2015

HHS Report Says Obamacare Plans Are Cheaper Than They Look

Inaccurate Provider Lists A Major Barrier To Care, Study Finds

HHS: Rural Americans Benefit 'Dramatically' From Health Reform Law

House Panel Extends Funding For Medicare Program To Help Consumers

Study: Brand-Name Drugs' High Copays Soak Medicare Part D Patients

ACA's Risk Adjustment Hammers Small Plans Again

Young Adults Can Face Challenges To Health Enrollment

Snapshot: 1.6 million Obamacare Customers Dropped out As of March 31

Obamacare Premiums Are Spiking, But Yours Probably Aren't

HHS Proposes To Streamline Medicare Appeals Process

States Offer Privacy Protections To Young Adults On Their Parents' Health Plan

Unexpected Medical Bills Can Cost American Consumers Thousands

Hospitals Look to Technology to Communicate, Reduce Errors

Feds Will Use Tax Penalty Data to Find Uninsured Millennials

HHS Targets Young Adults In 2017 Obamacare Enrollment Plan

Survey: Fewer Having Problems Affording Healthcare

Senate Panel Kills Medicare Program That Offers Help On Enrollment, Billing Issues

U.S. Health-Care Law Just Got Even More Confusing

White House Urges States to Resist ObamaCare Hikes

Consumers Could Be Facing Sticker Shock With ACA Health Premiums Next Year

Study: Repealing ObamaCare Would Increase Uninsured by 24M

Why Rising Premiums Rattle Consumers Paying Their Own Way

Why Do Health Costs Keep Rising? These People Know

HHS Announces Plans to Curtail Consumers' Use of Short-Term Insurance Policies

Few People Realize This Big Risk When They go To the Hospital

CMS Finalizes Changes To ACO Cost Targets

Study: Most Insurers Not Looking To Exit ObamaCare

For Cheaper Insurance, Head to Obamacare Exchanges

Here's How Much the Price of Obamacare Changed This Year for Every State in the US

Poll: People Unsure About Ability to Pay for Long-Term Care

Uninsurance Rates and the Affordable Care Act

Price Increases For Obamacare Depend On Where You Live

Obamacare is Helping Millions Get Needed Healthcare, New Survey Finds

Doctors' House Calls Saving Money For Medicare

Moving Patient Payment Upfront

Insurers Quitting Health Law Exchanges May Still Sell Plans To Individuals

Overtime Pay Rules Will Affect Millions of Healthcare Workers

Obamacare Brings Record Low for US Health Uninsured Rate

Emergency Physicians Say Patients Don't Understand Health Coverage & Insurance Companies Aren't Helping

Who Will Take On The Brunt Of Rising Health Insurance Prices?

Emergency Physicians Group Blasts Health insurers for Selling Bad Policies

Insurers Signal Obamacare Rate Hikes, But Feds Say Don't Believe It

What to Look for in 2017 ACA Marketplace Premium Changes

Change Is in the Works for Humana ACA Exchange Participation

Medical Errors May Be Third Leading Cause of Death in The U.S.

Medicare Pays Bonuses To 231 Hospitals With Lower Quality Because Of Cheaper Costs

Medicaid's Unmanaged Managed Care

Medicare's New Physician Payment System

Feds Propose Docking Or Rewarding Medicare Doctors For Quality

Feds Issue New Standards For Medicaid Insurance Plans

85% Medical-Loss Ratio in Final Managed Medicaid Rule

New Overtime Rules May Put Squeeze On Caregivers For Those With Disabilities

More Exchange Plans Offer Patients Easier Access To Some Expensive Drugs: Report

The Big Way Obamacare Helps the Poor Isn't Really about Their Health

CMS Drops Two-Midnight Rule's Inpatient Payment Cuts

Study: Medicaid Expansion Encourages More Poor Adults To Get Health Care

Immigrants, the Poor and Minorities Gain Sharply Under Health Act

Report Confirms Gradual Growth in Hospital-Owned Health Plans

Lawmakers Want CMS To Delay Publishing Five-Star Hospital Quality Ratings

HHS Report: Dire Warnings Of ObamaCare Price Spikes Wrong

Priced Out Of Obamacare, Some Opt For Short-term Plans

Uninsured Rate Hits New Low, but Obamacare's Still a Hot Potato

IRS Could Help Find Many Uninsured People, But Doesn't

If Healthcare Prices Emerge, Americans Won't Link To Quality

Despite Fears, Affordable Care Act Has Not Uprooted Employer Coverage

U.S. Raises 2017 Medicare Advantage Rates Less Than Expected

Medicare Is Often Overbilled by Hospices, and Pays Twice for Some Drugs

Insurers Cut Commissions to Restrict When and What Plans People Buy

Obamacare's Uninsured Up 5 Million, Medicaid Dependents Up 16 Million Since 2010 Estimate

Newest Policyholders Under Health Law Are Sicker and Costlier to Insurers

When Medicare Advantage Drops Doctors, Some Members Can Switch Plans

Report Offers a Mixed View of Health Care Law Costs

Obamacare Exchanges Enrolled Estimated 12 Million This Year

On Obamacare's 6th Birthday, Medicaid Expansion Creates Jobs, Saves Money

Seniors Rush To Medicare's Star-Rated Plans Under ACA

Health Insurance Gains Due to Obama's Law, Not Economy

'Surprise Bills' Shock Those Who Choose In-Network Care

Coinsurance Trend Means Seniors Likely To Face Higher Out-Of-Pocket Drug Costs, Report Says

To Keep Health Care Subsidies, Residents Must File Federal Tax Returns

Average ObamaCare Premium Rises 5 Percent

Three Changes Consumers Can Expect In Next Year’s Obamacare Coverage

Obama Health Law Missed 2015 Enrollment Target

Hospitals Adapt ERs To Meet Patient Demand For Routine Care

What Are the Penalties for Not Getting Insurance?

Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance

Health Law Insurance Plans to be Rated by Network Size

Medicare Plans Score Higher Ratings And Millions In Bonuses

Obama Says Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Reaches 20 Million

State Legislative Primaries Could Impact Medicaid Expansion

Feds Forgoing $13.9 Billion From ACA Insurance Tax

Why Some Say Freestanding EDs Contribute To Rising Healthcare Costs

Many Dislike Health Care System But Are Pleased With Their Own Care

ObamaCare Reducing Extra Hospital Stays, Study Finds

Proof Needed to Enroll in Health Plan Post-Deadline

Bad Debt Is the Pain Hospitals Can't Heal as Patients Don't Pay

Medicare To Cut Payments To Employer-Sponsored Advantage Plans

Urban Medicare Beneficiaries May See More Drug Savings This Year

Obamacare Has Barely Made a Dent in ER Visits

Insurers And Medicare Agree On Measures Tracking Doctors' Quality

Surge in Medicare Advantage Sign-Ups Confounds Expectations

Costs, Changes Led Obamacare Enrollment To Fall Far Short Of Estimates

Gains in Kids' Health Coverage Continue, But Many Still Uninsured

Top Hospitals Likely Are Available On A Marketplace Plan, Study Finds

Surprise Insurance Fees Often Follow Medical Emergencies

Health Care Law Makes Tax Season Tougher For Small Companies

Report: Eight States Show Big Drops in Uninsured

The Painful Rise of High-Deductible Health Insurance

Nearly 13 Million People Enrolled in ACA Plans for 2016

Health Care Law Makes Tax Season Tougher for Small Companies

Buying Supplemental Insurance Can Be Hard For Younger Medicare Beneficiaries

Short-Term Health Plans: The Pros And Cons

Affordable Care Act's Third Enrollment Season Draws to a Quiet Close

Still Uninsured? Buy A Health Plan This Week To Avoid A Tax Penalty

Many Uninsured Americans Seem Oblivious as ACA Enrollment Deadline Nears

Health Care Fines Press Millennials as Deadline Nears

Budget Office Sharply Cuts Health Exchange Estimate

President Pushes ObamaCare as Enrollment Deadline Nears

New Federal Standards For Marketplace Plans May Reduce Out-Of-Pocket Spending

Obamacare Enrollment Ticks up Slightly With 2 Weeks Left

High-Deductible Health Plan Enrollees Aren't Shopping Around

Hospitals Race To Be Included In 'Narrow Networks'

Uninsured in 2016? Coverage Might Be Cheaper than the Penalty

Study: Some Marketplace Customers Spend 25 Percent Of Income On Health Expenses

Why Health Insurance Prices Will Continue To Rise in 2016 and Beyond

Another 50 Hospitals Join Fight Against Two-Midnight Pay Cut

Tax Error Complicates Financial Help For Some With Obamacare

Tax Filing Issues Could Jeopardize Health Law Aid for Many

Young Adult Health Insurance Sign-Ups Disappoint

Survey: US Progress on Health Insurance Stalled in 2015

Obamacare Helping Improve Access To Medical Care For The Poor, New Studies Show

Medicare is Changing: What's New For Beneficiaries

Health Law Reporting Extension Issued for Employers

IRS Extends Due Dates For Reporting Of Some Healthcare Coverage

Will 2016 Be the Year for Medicaid Expansion?

Obamacare Patients Spend 10% Of Income Out Of Pocket Despite Government Subsidies

2 Million Current ACA Enrollees Ignore Advice to Return To

ER Doctors Say Federal Rules Could Raise Patients' Out-Of-Network Bills Enrollment Surges To Nearly 6 Million So Far

State by State Data Show Bigger 2016 Exchange Premium, Deductible Jumps

Congress To Delay ACA's 'Cadillac' Tax on Pricey Health Plans Until 2020

Despite Hopes Of Health Law Advocates, 'Multi-State' Health Plans Unavailable In Many States

As Health Care Act Insurance Deadline Nears, 'Unprecedented Demand'

Many Hospitals Neglect Practices To Combat ER Overcrowding, Study Finds

Medicare Penalizes 758 Hospitals For Safety Incidents

Affordable Care Act Plans Get 1 Million New Subscribers

Little Headway in Attracting More Hispanics to ACA Health Coverage

Health-Law Avoiders Won't Get Reprieve This Time Around

Jobs For Medical Scribes Are Rising Rapidly But Standards Lag

Senate Votes To Repeal ObamaCare 'Cadillac Tax'

2016 PPO Plans Remove Out-Of-Network Cost Limits, A Costly Trap For Consumers

CMS Holds Firm on Disputed Two-Midnight Pay Cut to Hospitals

More Employees Are Picking Benefits Online Via Private Exchanges

Premiums Rise Faster For Flexible Health Plans Than For HMOs

Persuading Young People to Buy Insurance is Major Challenge for Health Reform

HHS Proposes More Consumer-Friendly Rules for ACA Health Plans

Health Care Law Forces Businesses to Consider Growth's Costs

Study: To Avoid Higher Health Law Premiums, Switch Plans

Marketplace Plans Covering Out-Of-Network Care Harder To Find

Critics Say High Deductibles Make Insurance 'Unaffordable'

Social Security, Medicare Changes Are Coming With New Budget Law Sign-Ups Ahead Of Last Year - But With Fewer Newcomers

Companies Continue Chipping Away At Health Insurance Benefits

The 20 States With the Largest and Smallest Drop in Their Uninsured Rate

Health Systems Dipping Into The Business Of Selling Insurance

Health Insurance is a Tough Sell When Tax Credits Are Low

Uninsured Rate At New Low Under ObamaCare

Small Businesses Snub Obamacare's SHOP Exchange

More Than Half Of ACA Co-Ops Now Out of Insurance Marketplaces

Health Law's 3rd Sign-Up Season Faces Challenges From Prices

Hospitals Fall Short on ACA Charity-Care Rules

Obamacare Plans Could Be Forcing People To Pay Extra For Specialist Care

Marketplace Customers Could See Higher Premiums, No Coverage For Out-Of-Network Care

Thousands Who Didn't File Tax Returns May Lose Health Care Subsidies

Investigation Finds Errors in Coverage and Payments Under Affordable Care Act

Crunch Time at Small Businesses as Health Care Demands Loom

Many Low-Income Workers Say 'No' to Health Insurance

Report: Medicaid Costs Hit Record High as States Look for Efficiencies

Little Growth Predicted on Health Exchanges

Medicare Part B Premiums To Rise 52% for 7 Million Enrollees

Nearly Half of Uninsured Are Eligible For Subsidized Health Coverage

Obamacare's Impact On Employment: An Early Look

Insurance Dropouts Present a Challenge for Health Law

Affordable Care Act Aid Could Take Years To Reach Insurers

Almost Half of Obamacare Plans on Federal Marketplace Lack Out-Of-Network Coverage

Congress and Obama Administration Seek Ways to Limit Increase in Medicare Premiums

Insurers Find Out-Of-Network Bills As Much As 1,400 Percent Higher

Congress Passes Bill Easing Small Business Health Law Rules

4 Ways Companies May Adjust to Looming Employee Benefits Tax

Hospital, Outpatient Prices for Privately Insured Vary Widely

Why Small Businesses Say the Jury's Still Out on Obamacare

70,000 Ways to Classify Ailments

High Deductibles More Common in Exchanges Than in Employer Plans

Obamacare Helps Slow Employer Health Costs Heading Into 2016

HHS Gears Up For Increasingly Tough Enrollment Challenge

Health-Care Providers, Insurers Supersize

Income and Assets of Medicare Beneficiaries, 2014-2030

More Americans Have Health Insurance. Here's Who Still Doesn't

Nearly 9 Million People Gained Insurance In Health Marketplace's First Year

Premium Subsidies Flow Heavily to Populous, Poor States

Medicare Unfairly Penalizes Hospitals Treating Sickest, Poorest Patients, Study Finds

Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

Health Savings Accounts Growing, Especially Among the Better Paid

Retail Clinics, Apps Change Doctor-Patient Relationship

Health Insurance Signups Near 10 Million in Midyear Report

Consumers With COBRA Coverage Should Weigh Moving To Health Law Plans

Approaching Health Law Tax is Not Just a Levy on Luxury

Fewer Americans Skipping Medical Care for Cost Reasons

Fewer Americans Go Without Medical Care Due To Cost, Survey Says

'Cadillac Tax' Could Wreck Popular Medical Accounts

Congress May Have until December To Deal With Debt Ceiling

Lower Hospital Readmissions a Mere Label Change, Analysis Says

How Many Employers Could be Affected by the Cadillac Plan Tax?

Tardy Tax Filers Risk Loss of Health Care Subsidies

Study: 2 Million Exchange Enrollees Miss Out On Cost-Sharing Assistance

Study: Millions Not Getting Obamacare Subsidies

For Hospitals, Sleep And Patient Satisfaction May Go Hand In Hand

Most Health Insurance Co-ops Are Losing Money, Federal Audit Finds

Medicare's Voluntary Bundled-Payment Program Grows, But Many Providers Opt Out

CMS Extends Enforcement Delay for Two-Midnight Rule

Nine in 10 Americans Have Health Insurance, Survey Finds

How Obamacare Got More People Insured, State By State

Two Years into Obamacare, Only One State Still Has More Than 20% Uninsured

Study Casts Doubt On Assumptions About Hospital "Frequent Fliers"

Dental Care for Medicaid Patients is Expanding, But a Study Says That Won't Reduce ER Visits

Hospital Deductibles Are For Admitted Patients Only

Half of Nation's Hospitals Fail Again To Escape Medicare's Readmission Penalties

Increased Competition Kept Lid on Health Insurance Inflation, U.S. Says

Infographic: Consumer Will Drive Over $650B of Health Insurance Decisions Annually by 2018

Health Law Experiment Failed To Show Savings

Consumers' Satisfaction With Coverage Linked To Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Some Public Hospitals Win, Others Lose with Obamacare

Are Private Exchanges The Next Big Thing in Health Plans?

More Health Plan Choices at Work. What's The Catch?

Projected, Actual Enrollment for Medicaid Expansion States

Out-Of-Network Costs Lurk Even At In-Network Hospitals

Report: ACA Plans Have a Third Fewer Providers Than Employer-Based Plans

Uninsured Rate Hits Lowest Level to Date, Boosting ObamaCare

Balance Billing: How Are States Protecting Consumers from Unexpected Charges?

How the Affordable Care Act Is Reducing Competition

Small Business Insurance Exchanges Are Off To a Rocky Start

More Healthy, Young People Enrolling in Exchange Plans

Not All States Reporting Required Medicaid Data, OIG Says

New ObamaCare Enrollees Are Healthier, Report Finds

Poll: 62% Approve of Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

High Court Upholds Health Law Subsidies

Study Finds Almost Half of Health Law Plans Offer Very Limited Physician Networks

What Will Happen To State-Run Insurance Exchanges?

High-Deductible Plans Change How Hospitals Interact With Patients

Supreme Court Upholds Nationwide Health Care Law Subsidies

How Obamacare Has Impacted the Uninsured Rate

Fewer Poor Uninsured After Health Law, Study Finds

States Take Few Steps to Fill Gap if Supreme Court Blocks Health Subsidies

How Will the Health Care Subsidies Decision Affect Everyday Americans?

Defeat by Deductible: Millennials Aren't Hip To Health Insurance Lingo

Obamacare 'Sticker Shock'? Still Hasn't Happened

Is The Uninsured Rate The Lowest Ever?

Some Insured Patients Still Skip Care Because Of High Costs

Obamacare Gap Traps Millions With Coverage Who Can’t Afford Care

50 Hospitals Charge Uninsured More Than 10 Times Cost of Care, Study Finds

What Health Law? Many Poor People Still Unaware of Obamacare Options

State Obamacare Exchanges Experience Growing Pains

Medicare Vies to Keep ACOs on Board With More Flexible Rules

Should You Be Prepared for Health Care Sticker Shock?

6.4 million Americans Could Lose Obamacare Subsidies, Federal Data Show

Data Shows Large Rise in List Prices at Hospitals

Experts See Big Price Hikes for Obamacare

States Band Together To Keep Obamacare Afloat

Midsize Businesses Seek Relief from Federal Health Law

Convincing Young "Invicibles" To Enroll in Healthcare

When Paying The Obamacare Penalty Is Cheaper Than Buying Insurance

Medicare Recovery Audit Program Targeted for Reform After Spike in Observation Stays

Study: 'Underinsured' Population Has Doubled to 31 Million

Soaring Medicaid Enrollment Could Hit State Budgets

1 in 4 Adults Had Insurance but Still Couldn’t Afford Medical Care

Low, Middle Income Workers Most Vulnerable To Loss Of Obamacare Subsidies

Nearly 50% of Subsidized Obamacare Enrollees Owed Taxes

Medicaid Expansion Is Still A Tumultuous Fight In Several States

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