Coding: The Key to Bottom-Line Impact

Coding has a real impact on overall reimbursement and, ultimately, your bottom-line revenue. If you spend 15-20 minutes taking care of a patient and then document poorly, fail to record on the check sheet all the billable procedures performed, or select a reduced evaluation and management (E&M) code, you may be missing out on 50%, 75%, even 100% more revenue that you are entitled to for that patient.

At MRI, our certified professionals make sure that when you provide a specific level of care, you charge for that same level of care. Providers who rely on our coding services and the expertise of our coding professionals have increased their average charge per visit by 20-40%. Based on a small per chart fee, Medical Reimbursement can help you to obtain these same charge levels and results.

Our coding experts will:
  • Ensure technically correct and accurate coding of each chart.
  • Provide feedback on individual charts and identify "borderline" charts that could be coded at a higher E&M level with additional documentation.
  • Re-code charts with addendum to ensure the higher E&M code is billed.
  • Manage the logistics of transporting patient charts (either physical or electronic) from your office or hospital to our offices.
  • Generate monthly reports, or as often as you wish, showing coding utilization, volume and average charges per patient for the group, or individual physicians.

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About MRI

Since 1988, MRI has offered comprehensive Billing & Receivables Management Services that create superior coding, billing and collections outcomes for hospital-based providers.

In addition to Coding, Billing, Collections, Denial Management and Auditing services, MRI offers clients value-added services such as Third-Party Contract Negotiation and Fee Schedule Development & Maintenance assistance.

All services capitalize on MRI's unsurpassed knowledge of the entire healthcare revenue cycle to deliver workable recommendations and tangible results that have improved the bottom line of every single client.